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About Me


My way to a new profession


My name is Hella Imre-Seres. I got my first degree, a BEng with Management at Banki Donat Polytechnic, then I completed the MBA course at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


My older daughter started to have vitiligo at the age of 3-4. My second daughter had hallucination seizures and didn’t sleep properly for years. Due to the increasing level of tiredness, I became ill and developed vitiligo as well.


My younger daughter’s situation was out of control by 2011. She spent more time in her own world, than with us and I was ill all the time, I could have fallen asleep anytime anywhere.


I couldn’t accept this situation. Doctors couldn’t provide a solution for any of our kids, so I had to find a way to wellbeing and health.


I found an article about an autistic boy. Doctors tried to improve his behavior and wellbeing through a gluten and dairy free diet and they had nice results. After reading the article, I had a conversation with the 3.5 years old Szofia, who had the hallucinations and sleeping issues. I told her, if she doesn’t want to have the EEG electrodes stuck in her hair again, we have to find a solution. We agreed, that from that day on she won’t have any milk, cheese, butter, chocolate or anything, that might have milk in it. We made the decision to give this a try and make other changes, if it’s needed.


Believe it or not, but my 3.5 years old daughter understood the situation. She stopped consuming dairy products. Just in a short week time we experienced a huge change in her behavior. Hallucination seizures disappeared, she started to spend more and more time in the real world and she started to sleep throughout the night.

Since I believe that we can’t expect any child to face such a big challenge alone, I gave up dairy products too. And I started to feel better and better.


The next period of my life changed so many things for me and for my family. I started to realize, that our nutrition is completely messed up. I started to read more and more in this topic and started to see the interconnections. At least I thought so back then.


Back to school


Finally, I made up my mind to continue my studies. However, this time not on the field of economics, engineering or marketing, but about human nutrition. Since we lived in the UK at that time, I chose the 3 year course of the College of Naturopathic Medicine London. Beside providing a thorough knowledge about the body systems, biochemistry, how macro and micronutrients affect our body, I had to gain clinical experience too.


I got my CNM Nutritional Therapist Diploma in 2016.


Since sports always played an important part of my life, I was always interested, how an athlete’s diet differs from others, so I completed the Advanced Sport Nutritionist diploma course at the Irish Shaw Academy.


I realized, that more and more ladies around me – I’m not an exception -, fight with hormonal, period and fertility issues, and I was always curious about how the women’s body work. Due to my interest in this topic, I completed the British Natural Family Planning Teacher Association’s course and became a Natural Family Planning Teacher. This course was a real eye opener, how fascinating our body is.


My nutrigenomics course is still in process. Regardless, I’ll try to share some very interesting posts about this topic.


This field is amazing and opens up an infinite world of information. Newer and newer studies reveal fascinating interconnections, and tell us, that we might be very similar, but in reality we are very different. There’s no other way on this field, than continuous, lifelong learning, to be able to provide personalized recommendations.